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Business Credit

Raising Personal Credit Scores


A low credit score can cost you and your family hundreds of dollars per month and, potentially, hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.  An artificially low credit score can add 3% to 15% to the interest rate of every loan or financing agreement that you have.  This affects credit cards, student loans, car loans, home loans, and business lines of credit, to name a few


Furthermore, an artificially low credit score can cause you to be flat-out denied, without even getting to the stage where the lender asks you to pay the exorbitant interest rate.


Remember:  A poor credit score can affect every financial agreement that you enter into, and it makes many financial options simply unavailable to you! 

When it comes to low credit scores, our goals are to:

  • Minimize the negative effects of your credit score

  • Accentuate the positive aspects in a more permanent fashion,


This equates to ultimately restoring your credit and improving your scores.


Customized Credit Advisory Plan:  Once we receive your credit file, our experts do a complete investigative analysis, and devise a thorough yet effective customized credit plan that is specifically tailored to your unique situation.  The customized plan will take into account

  1. Your credit outlook

  2. Your  budget

  3. Your short and long term financial goals (obtaining credit cards, buying a home, getting a new job)

  4. Respective State and Federal laws designed to protect the consumer


Credit Advisory Specialist:   We assign a dedicated credit specialist who will personally work on your case by putting your customized plan into action.  Your specialist will:

  1. Thoroughly investigate your credit files, analyzing both the negative and  positive entries free of charge with no obligation

  2. Advise you on which credit entries are exerting the most impact on your credit score, so that you know which entries to focus on to get top quality results

  3. Assist you in re-establishing your credit, so that you can meet your short and long term financial goals 

  4. Continually observe your progress during the restoration process, to ensure that you are making progress toward achieving your goals


Establishing Positive Credit:  While most companies may focus on simply "repairing" credit, we are different.  We understand that the road to a strong and healthy credit rating is to re-establish credit and to make sure that our customers do not fall into pitfalls that may result in a repeat of credit insolvency.   Your credit specialist will assist you in determining which types of credit will best increase your score and how to best manage your restored credit files.


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