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Business Funding
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Small Business Funding

Businesses that start out with substantial business funding at their disposal have a much better chance at succeeding compared to those who choose to use personal finances and with it, personal risks. 

However, in today’s business climate, it is becoming more difficult for business owners to obtain the funding necessary for their business to thrive.  Even those who meet all the lending requirements get turned away from conventional banks and without an explanation.  They are simply told “no”.​

We also have access to more funding and financing sources than any other source around.  With our access to thousands of lenders and funding programs, your business has an outstanding chance of being approved for business capital regardless of business size or age.

Qualitative research

While today’s instant-gratification existence seems to prefer metrics, statistics and “googled” facts, it is near impossible to separate and remove the human experience from the equation.  
Everyone has a different perspective about their experiences.  

This is due to the “human condition” differentiating from what we perceive as fact.  When gathering and analyzing such intelligence, few techniques capture the “human condition” better than qualitative research.


Qualitative research, when properly gathered, can extrapolate with more depth and accuracy, benefiting essentially every facet of marketing and branding. 

Qualitative research creates industry-specific insights, stimulates customers’ individual experiences and encourages people to expand on their reactions, unlocking new considerations not originally perceived. Qualitative research provides depth and detail, looking deeper than merely information gathering by examining and recording attitudes, feelings and behaviors.  

We have been doing extensive multi-cultural, cross cultural and general market qualitative market research for over 25 years and have worked with many high-profiled Fortune 500 corporations.  For Greg Spaulding’s research biography, please click here.

Qualitative Research

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